I am the Founder of this Registered Canadian Charity.  You need to know the story behind the development of this very worthwhile cause…

My family has been victimized by this crime twice.  One family member was used for child pornography at the age of four, by neighbours.  It was at a time when this type of heinous crime was unheard of in the global picture.  The victimized family member was haunted by the experience her entire life.

The family member who was a victim, lived her life to the fullest, in spite of the experience.  She had many challenges because of it but managed to graduate from college.  Just a few months after her graduation, she was killed in July of 2012 at the age of 22, victim of a drunk driver.  Her loss to my family and to me has been profound.  She touched many people. She was victim of two crimes – child pornography and drunk driving.  My entire family has felt the consequences of such heinous crimes.

As a network administrator, colleagues and I had to deal with many difficult issues, including questionable activity on computers.    After  dealing with these various situations, after the experience of our  family with such a young member, after the tragic death of the same  family member, I decided to embark on creating this very needed organization; so that other families might avoid such horrific experiences.  Two family members victimized by child pornography; two separate experiences; two separate cities; too many times.

Our mandate is clear – helping victims of child pornography; helping to avoid further victimization by training children, parents, law enforcement, health care workers, and the like; helping to avoid the suicides of so many victims – So that maybe perpetrators can be located and arrested; So that victims might be saved.

In memory of my dear family member,  and for the sake of other victims…

please support this very worthwhile charity…..

Charlene Doak-Gebauer, NNCP, RHN, B.Ed., Hon. Business Specialist, Special Education, Computer Science, Network Management

Founder and Chair

Special Gratitude To:

Our Corporate Partner:



The Westminster College Foundation

ArbourCor Solutions Group

Jose Casanova

Connie Roberts of Roberts Marketing

Karen Hansen, Hansen Marketing

Sheila Stevenson Group

Frank Davis for writing and donating a song/video in support of our mission.  This song/video is played at every presentation to emphasize the humanity that is affected by this crime.  This is an extremely generous donation, both in talent and in song writing.  Child Pornography Hurts is very grateful.

Rick Bartlett for providing musical backup for the donated song/video

Atlantic Music Sessions Recording Studio for recording the donated song/video

Campus Creative, London, Ontario for the production and creation of a video dedicated to Child Pornography Hurts.  Their generous donation of this video is greatly appreciated.   

Both donated videos are very impactful and greatly enhance our

Internet Sense For Internet Safety®


Please ask us to give our “Internet Sense For Internet Safety®”  presentation to your group, meeting,  or organization – we present to youth/children, families, meetings, employee groups, parent groups and the like.  Our donated videos will be used in all of our presentations.  


Internet Sense For Internet Safety®

Charlene, our Founder and Chair, is a global speaker.   Learn, first hand, the compelling story of a Canadian family that has been affected twice by the crime of child pornography.  Charlene is also an author. Her book “Digital Sexual Victims: True Cases” has been nominated for an international award of excellence, winner to be announced in April 2017.  In her book, she has developed a theory of Digital Supervision© for child protection, which is the basis for all presentations.  This theory is given to children and youth, from the perspective of their digital behaviour when using digital devices; to adults relating to the necessity and methods of supervision of children and youth while using digital devices.

To book a presentation, please call 519-854-1249.

Be informed, protect your family, protect your professional environment.  Learn about

“Internet Sense©” and “Digital Supervision©”.

We have  four different educational  presentations targeting:

  1. Youth/children aged 12 to 18;
  2. Parents, the public, professionals;
  3. Families;
  4. Children aged 8 to 12.

Our official Travel Consultant is Ian Parkin, Nexion Canada.

Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Vision Statement:

Helping victims become survivors………fighting to end child pornography.


To work collaboratively with like organizations, social service agencies and law enforcement so that victims can be identified and given support.

To work collaboratively with all agencies and police to end child pornography.

To provide educational seminars to groups, schools and associations in order to fulfill our vision and mission.

Core Values:

Collaboration – Identify, build and maintain long-term relationships so that our vision and mission can be fulfilled and maintained.

Integrity – Valuing core values, morality and transparency that will help to fulfill goals, vision, mission and funding objectives without bias and as expeditiously as possible.

Advocacy – to assist agencies and organizations wherever possible and necessary, to ensure that victims are given due attention, as our vision and mission statements are fulfilled.


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Child Pornography Hurts


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